Nvoga Concierge – a unique service exclusive to our clients

The concept of a concierge is neither unique nor new, but we have put our many years’ of experience to work to design a system of service provision that is as efficient and useful as it could possibly be. Many of the tenets of good personal service of this kind are universal, but in their detail can differ greatly from place to place, and ours is designed exactly to make your stay or residence in Marbella as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

That, in a nutshell, is the definition of fine quality concierge, so working back from the premise of providing the very best service on offer, we created a system that makes optimal use of resources to be there when you need us. The Nvoga concierge is bespoke and designed around your needs, but builds upon a clearly focused and identifiable structure that makes it easier for our clients to use and helps our teams to be as efficient and effective as possible.

For this reason, it has been broken down into a series of convenient service categories:

Your Family

A service designed to make family life as hassle-free and enjoyable as it can be. It includes everything from welcoming your friends and family, arranging laundry, transport, children’s entertainment and parties or events all the way to pet care, errands, school applications, decoration, removals and even care for the elderly. It’s a flexible, modular offering that we adapt to your personal needs and is available whenever you want it.

Your Lifestyle

You might call this the ‘fun’ part of the service, because it focuses on lifestyle – i.e. enjoying life – so count on us for anything from reservations and bookings to recommendations, personal home service, entertainment services, organising private events and even personal shoppers. Design your preferred lifestyle, and we’ll help to make it happen, easily and fluidly.


Special sports-orientated services form an extension of this, regardless of whether it is golf, tennis, sailing, horse riding, fishing, adventure sports, motor racing or ski that you prefer.

Your Home

Any and all services regarding the home, from rentals and property management to maintenance, gardening, cleaning, insurance, security, interior design, staff or even home renovation projects. We’ll take care of it for you, with full clarity, accountability and reporting.

Your Health & Wellbeing

You may need a personal trainer but want someone who comes with the proper references and recommendations. Maybe it’s a visit to a spa resort, health and beauty treatments at a beauty salon or at home, or to arrange medical coverage and quality professional healthcare services. Our team is at your disposal.


Managing utilities and simplifying the accompanying paperwork in a manner that is fully transparent and easy to follow is one of our services, as well as arranging Residency and NIE documentation, the best legal and tax advisor services, translators and interpreters, where and whenever you need them.

You see, owning a property with Nvoga in Marbella can be a seamlessly convenient and pleasant experience that blends the easy-going Mediterranean lifestyle with the comfort and amenities of the 21st century.

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