NVOGA at the launch of Be Lagom show home – advanced design in harmony with nature

We were delighted to launch of the completed show home for the Be Lagom project last 8th september after much hard work behind the scenes. It was a proud moment presenting this exciting and unique offering to our welcomed special guests. It’s easy to follow trends, however, we believe that this exciting project is changing the direction of property design. Be Lagom is a development that comprises not just bricks and mortar, it represents a lifestyle philosophy.

Ecological, sustainable design in the heart of the Costa del Sol

Altur Homes, celebrating the opening of the show home of their first development in the area, stated their wish to break the property mould with Be Lagom, in which they have invested €20 million creating 13 unique villas, nestling in the heart of the Costa del Sol. The stunning natural setting of Benahavís ensures an environment surrounded by forest, flowers and fruit trees, while the villas themselves, designed by renowned architectural studio Gonzalez and Jacobson, embrace natural, traditional materials.

The word ‘Lagom’ means ‘just right’ in Swedish, and we believe they have achieved their goals, achieving harmony between the flowers and pine forests of the Andalucian hillside and the wood, stone, marble and water from which the homes are made.


Luxurious oasis offering a sustainable lifestyle

BREEM certification, signifying the project has developed a sustainable built environment, was a must for this development. Accordingly, sustainability was built into every decision, with water and energy efficiency at the forefront of the design.

The three floor family homes are set in a tranquil oasis designed by Laura Pou, offering 5,000m2 of green space with gardens, orchards and swimming pools. Pergolas with sinuous vines and scented creepers will offer a delightful spot for picnics and community gatherings. Owners will have the opportunity to grow their very own fruit vegetables, in a truly sustainable first.

The villas themselves are far from traditional in design, however from security systems to energy efficiency, to the comfort and wellbeing of the owners.

This is a truly ground-breaking development, and we’d love to tell you more. Please get in touch so we can show you why we think this is one of the most exciting developments on the Costa del Sol!


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