La Zagaleta, Marbella’s emerging ‘super segment’

If ever you needed proof that the top segment of the Marbella real estate market is in fine health, Covid or no, just look at the figures for the first quarter of 2021. They make for interesting reading, reflecting a record quarter in revenue terms. Closer inspection of the transactions made shows that the results were achieved not so much through quantity as through quality, with super-exclusive La Zagaleta villas of €10 or even €20 million and more standing out.

Indeed, demand for this ‘super segment’ of properties helped the region achieve its record sales turnover in difficult times, but it’s not just a one-off either. No, strong demand for ultra-luxury modern villas in Marbella is definitely a trend, and the buyers come from countries as wide apart as Russia, the Middle East, Northern Europe, the UK, the USA and Spain itself. Between them, supply and demand are creating a super-segment, and it’s mostly located within La Zagaleta.

Why La Zagaleta?

The reason this exclusive gated country club – recognised as one of the finest of its kind internationally – is so in-demand relates to the security, privacy, space, luxury and services it offers A-list buyers. With access restricted to the general public and helipads very common within the private domains, they can jet in and enjoy total privacy and tranquillity among their peers – both at home and in residents-only facilities such as two golf courses, an exclusive clubhouse/restaurant with concierge services and a state-of-the-art hippodrome.

The mansions within La Zagaleta feature ample grounds and are surrounded by their own sections of open nature in a country club of almost 1,000 hectares. Apart from spectacular sea and mountain views, this is a living environment whose residents, golfers and equestrians can spot waterfalls and deer within the wooded groves and hillsides. All of this occurs within a short ten-minute drive from Marbella and the coastal area, so it stands to reason why La Zagaleta is so much in demand – and now this interest is producing a super-category of stunning mansions in the price segment above €10 million.

An international super-standard

The level of opulence and luxury that comes with properties of €20-€30 million belongs to another class – an international super-standard. Here you will find homes that are not Spanish or European as such, but form part of a global elite of real estate, and with them come buyers that demand the very best in service and security. For those who wish to temporarily enjoy them the current rental rate begins at €20,000 per month for year-long rentals and up to €150,000 just for the month of August, but this buys you the ultimate venue in which to relax, enjoy and also entertain in sumptuous style.

“If you consider Marbella to be a five-star residential and tourist destination, then what we’re seeing in La Zagaleta is the development of a super-category of six-star offering,” says José Carlos Leon, founder and CEO of Nvoga Realty Marbella. “What’s more, most of the buyers in this category are relatively young, typically between 35 and 50, and use the homes for long stays. There are other locations in Marbella that attract them, such as Sierra Blanca and the Golden Mile, but La Zagaleta offers the ultimate combination of space, privacy, security and service that makes it the number one choice, particularly for those who wish to build their own dream villas in Marbella.”

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