III Solidarity Padel Tournament June 2022

This year we celebrate the third edition of the annual Solidarity Padel Tournament, a fun sports event in Marbella that brings together the property sector of the Costa del Sol in support of a very worthy cause.

The Tournament

Together we are stronger and can do so much more, and it shows when we join forces and do something important for others. The annual Solidarity Padel Tournament originally conceived by Nvoga and its CEO José Carlos Léon, brings professionals from the Costa del Sol’s property industry together in support of a series of wonderful causes – raising funds that change lives while giving those working in the region’s real estate sector a chance to meet up, play sport, socialise and network.

The Charities

The original charity that got it all started is situated in Uganda, East Africa, where our association BUILDING THE FUTURE has made possible projects such as the rebuilding of safe, functional and comfortable new classrooms at the Uganda Ruwenzori Focus school. The money raised during the tournaments has made this possible, as well as other worthy projects closer to home, including the DEBRA Butterfly Children foundation, for whom our contribution equated to being able to provide 200 hours of support for children with this rare, debilitating condition, and their families.

Others include AVOI, the Asociación de Voluntarios de Oncología Infantil de Málaga, who used the funds to buy much-needed equipment and organise events that provide these young patients with important moments of happiness and relief. For CADI, the Centro de Atención a la Diversidad Infantil de Marbella, we helped arrange art-based therapy and surf classes for children, while Fuensocial, a charity organised by the parents of handicapped children, used the funds raised to renovate an adult patient centre in Fuengirola.

This Year’s Aims

But while we’re proud of what we’ve all achieved together, there is more that we can do. This year we have again set our aims high, wishing to built another pavilion with four more classrooms, improve the garden play zones, construct a metal support structure for the water tank, modernise the existing kitchen facilities, buy more teaching material and provide pupils with comfortable new shoes – all of which will help this increasingly important centre of learning in Uganda grow.

Given the situation in the Ukraine, we are also raising funds to help support Ukrainian families arriving in our region, assuring that we also do what is necessary on our own doorstep. In this, we can count on the full support of the LPA (Leading Property Agents of Spain) and the Estepona Town Hall, both of which will play an active role in the III Solidarity Padel Tournament – and we hope we can count on your support too, and make this a fantastic, fun event that helps to assist those who need it the most.

A New Venue

The III Solidarity Padel Tournament organised organized by Nvoga in collaboration with the LPA and Estepona Town Hall, will this year be held at the wonderful Villa Padierna Racquet Club. Situated in a great location just a few steps from the beach on the New Golden Mile. Besides the padel tennis tournament featuring teams from members of the property sector, there will also be a Solidarity Tournament football match at the Estepona stadium, as well as food, drinks, entertainment, and play areas for the kids.

We will also be welcoming industry professionals to the Property Sector Conferences, which besides keynote speakers and the exchanging of information and opinions provides an excellent meeting and networking point for those working in this field.

What’s more, you’ll be surprised with the format and content of this year’s event – so mark the dates in your agenda: 3,4 and 5 June 2022 at Villa Padierna. Contact the Nvoga team for further information and to register for participation.

Help us make wonderful things happen in 2022! ARE YOU IN?

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