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There are many property companies and real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol, but few firms that have true specialisation and accompanying expertise in working with investors and developers to guide a property development project from the initial stages right through to sales and delivery of the homes to their new owners. As it happens, this is exactly what Nvoga Marbella Realty specialises in, offering a combination of technical know-how and many years of experience.

The above has formed the basis for a growing portfolio of successful developments in which Nvoga has been the principal commercialising agent of quality projects across the Costa del Sol, as well as a reliable, professional development partner for private and institutional investors and funds. In this, the company’s track record speaks for itself – the reason why many prime developers local and international wish to work with José Carlos León and his Nvoga team.

Selective and effective

However, to be successful and dedicate one’s resources effectively, one has to be selective. Nvoga does not take on all projects; in fact, it follows a selective process and commits itself only to those developments that it truly believes in. The criteria are focused upon the inherent quality – of concept, location, financial and organisational structure, and ultimately of the product and service being offered to the buyer, the end-user.

The overall proposition therefore has to embody a concept of quality and added value, and when it does Nvoga commits itself completely to its success. With specialist divisions in place that can assist with the full trajectory – from land sourcing and concept development to construction, delivery and sales – or the flexibility to adapt to the developer’s needs and provide exactly those modular services required, Nvoga Marbella Realty works closely with its partners to ensure success.

Years of market experience ensure added value in relation to obtaining planning permission, providing important client and market feedback for the product development process, and great expertise in the marketing, promotion and sale of quality modern homes on the Costa del Sol.

From concept to turnkey delivery and even post-sale service, Nvoga is the ideal and trusted partner in this region of Spain.

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