José Carlos León – the driving force behind Nvoga

The CEO of Nvoga Marbella Realty and President of the LPA (Leading Property Agents of Spain) has built up a successful property company specialising in promoting new real estate developments on the Costa del Sol—but his ambitions stretch further. In fact, his ambitions stretch beyond the scope of his own success, for José Carlos is the kind of person with a vision for his hometown of Marbella and his profession, and this vision involves making a contribution to their further development and improvement.As a result, he has always been in favour of improving standards of service, professionalism, accountability, know-how and transparency not just in the real estate sector of the Costa del Sol, but also a champion of making Marbella the best it can be. Examples of this rather idealistic approach are visible in the way he operates his own business, as well as in initiatives such as the LPA, of which he is the president, and the sharing of information, know-how and inspiration at the Nvoga property academy at Nvoga’s head office in downtown Marbella.

Over the past 20 years he has built his name in the real estate sales/marketing and property development segments of the Costa del Sol market – working with many leading promoters and investment funds to create highly successful signature projects on the coast – but rather than jealously guarding this expertise and success, he is a great believer in sharing knowledge and inspiring others to collectively raise standards of excellence, all to the benefit of the sector and the local market.

The drive to improve things

This is also the force behind the LPA, an organisation he helped to relaunch, and whose main goal is to establish a recognisable seal of quality, integrity and know-how. “In the LPA, we want to unite the best and most serious property companies in the region, to share knowledge and to ensure the highest standards of advice and practice,” says José Carlos. He and the other founding members of the LPA wish to safeguard old standards of service and integrity along with modern concepts of professionalism and transparency, to always offer the best possible service in Marbella.

“In this, we want to involve not only real estate agencies and property developers, but everybody involved in the process, including architects, landscapers, designers, urban planners and financial and legal experts, as well as those responsible for the public image, infrastructure and lifestyle offering of Marbella,” says the man who has become one of the leading lights of an ever-improving Costa del Sol that blends the best of its classic characteristics with a new ethic of accountability and excellence.

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