NVOGA: Knowing the agency you work with

In the business world there is a concept called KYC – short for Know Your Customer or Client. In general terms it relates to the kind of background check and due diligence carried out especially by financial companies and those embarking upon large projects, but in service-driven fields it has also become a rallying call to ensure you know as much as possible about your client base so that you can better service their needs.

The reverse, however, applies as well, as clients can also get the most from a company they have chosen to work with when they get to know them better and interact more. In reality, it is merely an extension of the research one does before approaching a firm for more information, and in the case of a Marbella real estate agency this vetting process begins with online property searches. A Marbella agency that knows its stuff will not only rank for the relevant searches, but also offer a broad selection of quality homes in the areas you’re looking for.

Get the most out of the relationship

Once you have found property options of interest and contacted the company, the speed and efficiency with which they respond is an important indication of their level of expertise, effectiveness and service. To the observant property buyer it is a self-selecting market in which those who offer the best product and service are the ideal people to work with, and this is no different when dealing with a property agent in Marbella.

Having selected a company in this way, it is worth your while to take the process a step further and make sure you get the very best out of the relationship. A company such as NVOGA is committed to offering you the best service, by freely providing authoritative information, ethical independent advice and committing its resources to attending you and helping you find the perfect Marbella property that fits your requirements. Developing a good working relationship with the team, asking questions when you need information and even working together on suggested strategies always helps.

At NVOGA we encourage this kind of close working relationship between client and agent. The more input and information we have, the quicker we will be able to produce the results you’re looking for, whether it is a property in Marbella you are looking to buy, sell or rent.

A good working relationship is always worth investing a little time and effort into. We know this because we do it all the time. Contact the NVOGA team and get to know us a little better.

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