The Edge – bespoke design in a world of views

Nvoga has played a very important role in the commercialisation of The Edge, a project that is quite literally cutting-edge, both in terms of its sweeping architectural styling by Rafael de la- Hoz and its spectacular frontline beach setting right by the sea in up-and-coming Estepona, on the Costa del Sol.

Recently, the company collaborated with leading Marbella interior designer Heidi Gubbins to decorate one of the finest properties for sale in The Edge – Penthouse 333A – and reveal its true potential as one of the most outstanding lifestyle homes in the Estepona area. We spoke to Heidi about the project in this incomparable beachside location.

What was your inspiration when you set out to decorate the penthouse?
The views from the property are spectacular; you really feel surrounded by the sea, and we wanted to create an interior styling that feels light and airy while offering a welcoming sense of serenity and comfort.

What set the tone for the materials, textures and colours chosen?
We were inspired by the soft sand tones that lead to the azure waters in this wonderful setting, and used a neutral palette where dashes of colour juxtapose with those natural hues. The same is true of the materials chosen, such as deep-toned corroded metals, light wood, smoky mirrors and textured fabrics. Taken together, they create a very sensory impact while being stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Which is the kind of lifestyle you picture in a home like this?
A very laid-back and relaxing one, where you wake up to a beautiful sunrise and end it with a mesmerising sunset, enjoying the luxury and visual therapy of nature’s bounty. It’s something that is so in demand, now more than ever.

Did the sweeping, nautical lines of The Edge influence your designs?
We created a balanced mix of linear and more rounded shapes in order to maximise the space and produce a home that is modern yet warm. Mirrors and light played a role in this, so that views are reflected within the home and you feel surrounded by the sea.

How does one go about framing views such as these?
The architecture has already done this, and our job was to enhance it with an interior that speaks to the view and makes you feel as if you’re in a theatre of natural beauty where all you have to do is look around you and let all that scenery soak in.

Please feel free to contact Nvoga if you would like to know more about The Edge, one of the most luxurious modern apartment complexes for sale in Estepona right now!

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