Why rent your property out through an agency?

It’s a question most property owners have asked themselves at some point in time. The answer, as always, is varied, but there are in fact many reasons why it makes sense to work with a Marbella property agency specialised in rentals. Though a lot of homeowners try to manage it all themselves, unless you have specific experience in the field you run the risk of being exposed to a wide range of possible complications and problems, not to mention a lot of time and work.

From tenants who don’t pay to those who damage your property; things that go missing or indeed rental homes that are not properly decorated, fitted, stocked or marketed effectively enough. In addition to knowing how to deal with all the above, there is also the cleaning of holiday rentals, preparing them for guests, ensuring you comply with regulations and that you get the best possible return on your investment.

You can try to take this all on yourself, but especially if you live abroad for most of the year and wish to earn income from your Marbella property, then it really is better to leave the management and promotion of your Costa del Sol rental home to the professionals. By letting them deal with it all, you reap the benefits without having any of the disadvantages. What’s more, a professional firm like Nvoga provides a buffer between the owner on the one hand and tenants and authorities on the other.

Making the most of your rental property

To get the best out of your Marbella rental property you also have to make the most of it. In other words, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You will of course need a certain budget to prepare a property for renting out to decorate and make it attractive to potential tenants, but an experienced, professional Marbella agency specialising in rentals will ensure that every cent you spend is worthwhile and forms a solid investment.

We give our clients the benefit of our extensive experience so that their property investment is a successful one that bears fruit for owners and tenants alike. The process starts with reviewing your Costa del Sol property and giving honest, qualified advice about what is needed in terms of décor, equipment and pricing. An important part of this process is knowing your goals and priorities with regard to rentals, and whether you prefer to rent out long-term or for shorter holiday stays.

Each of these is a specialised segment of the Costa del Sol rentals market that we have a great deal of experience in, and each has different requirements in terms of the property, marketing and management. More than simply taking on your property, we will develop a strategy for its marketing aimed at helping you make the most out of your investment, and this also includes advice on decoration and fitting out.

Our aim is to create a Marbella property for rent that is highly desirable to tenants and holidaymakers, that is ideally targeted at the desired clientele, and that meets all legal requirements too. We act in your best interest should there be a problem, manage cleaning and maintenance, and deal with tenants on your behalf, providing updates on bookings and finances that are available to you at all times.

Added to our marketing know-how and commitment to optimal returns for your property, why would you not choose to rent your Marbella property out through an experienced property agency such as Nvoga!

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