First Solidarity Padel Tournament for Real Estate Sector

It was Christmas 2018, and at Nvoga we were celebrating the festive days with family. But we also remembered the children of the Ruwenzori Focus College in Uganda, which we first met in 2017, when our journey of involvement in their project began.

The children had been left without a place to learn in the wake of torrential monsoon rains that destroyed their classrooms, so we rallied together to help the community rebuild its school. José Carlos began thinking of options when an old but very apt idea came to him – to organise a solidarity paddle tennis tournament that would unite all the real estate agencies of the Costa del Sol, along with other property sector professionals such as architects, lawyers, property developers, etc.

The idea was put into motion, and this is where the magic began, with as its goal raising funds for the college in Uganda. The organisation of the event started in January 2019 and by April the First Property Sector Solidarity Tournament was in full swing. We didn’t only play paddle tennis, but also organised a Spain versus the Rest of the World football match, Pilates sessions and children’s activities in an ambience of fun, community spirit and the free exchange of ideas.

The latter took place at a series of Property Sector Seminars, during which leading professionals generously shared their time and expert knowledge with a large number of interested parties. It was a great success all-round, and one that is remembered fondly and added to the sense of community in Marbella just as it raised important funds for the rebuilding of the college in Uganda. In this way, we built a sense of brotherhood and solidarity not just with our friends in East Africa, but also within our own environment, and this is truly rewarding.

Another outcome was helping to arrange Equine Therapy sessions for children by the CADI Association, a beautiful and worthy exercise indeed. In Uganda, the funds received made possible the reconstruction of the classrooms and other primary school buildings, air conditioning for the newly enlarged bathroom facilities, a deposit for potable water, as well as new text books and desks. It was all made possible by the gracious participation of so many of our colleagues and peers.

Many donated money both privately and as companies, and the experience brought us all together in a wonderful act of solidarity. But this is not where our dream ends. We now wish to organise the tournament every year, not only to continue to help Uganda, but also to offer support and assistance to all those who need it. Naturally we can’t help everyone, but our little grain of sand would make its contribution year after year!

And then 2020 came and with it Covid, which meant our plans were thwarted and the tournament could not be held. As so many others around us, we had to adapt to the situation, but have come out stronger than ever and ready for the sun to start shining once more. We want it to shine brighter than ever this year, when the Second Property Sector Solidarity Tournament will be the event that brings us all back together again to celebrate and enjoy life and the value of our friendships and hopes for the future.

This will be our year and we will celebrate the best tournament yet – and of course we can only do it with your support! We need each other more than ever, and hope we can count on you too because together we’re strong and can achieve fantastic things…ARE YOU IN?

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