Be Lagom, a Marbella development with environmental credentials

The concept of creating property developments that are more in harmony with their natural surroundings is beginning to gather traction, also in luxury destinations such as Marbella. Here, the focus is increasingly on architectural styling that fits into the natural setting, materials that are environmentally friendly and building techniques and technologies that offer optimal energy efficiency.

What has held the process back in the past is the extra cost of constructing in an ecologically friendly way. But projects such as Be Lagom are leading the way, showing not only that ethically sound development is the proper way to create homes, but also that it doesn’t have to cost that much more.

Designed around a lifestyle philosophy
Be Lagom is the product of its creators’ business philosophy, but also responds to what a growing number of buyers search for in a Marbella property: not just luxury style and amenities in good locations, but also a healthy, pleasant living environment in harmony with nature that offers the ultimate quality of life.

This is the concept around which Be Lagom was created, let alone designed and built, and the project’s value for money comparison with similar developments shows it can be done within prevailing price levels. In achieving this, Be Lagom certainly leads the way in Costa del Sol development, but what exactly are its environmental features?

An environmental focus to property development
Ecological development of any kind is a full-cycle process, and the constructors have tried to close the production circle as much as is currently possible – from ensuring that the Be Lagom villas enjoy the optimal sun, wind and panoramic orientation that offers sunlight and views without midday roasting temperatures and night-time cooling. Another factor in keeping temperatures constant and reducing the need for heating and cooling is good quality build and effective heat, damp and sound insulation.

Add renewable resources such as solar energy, natural air ventilation and the use of indigenous Mediterranean vegetation in the landscaping, and you’ll find that maintenance and utility costs are much lower and the project achieves top energy ratings with flying colours. But Be Lagom does more, opting for quality natural, renewable building materials that come with source certification and also don’t give off potentially harmful micro-particles.

Also important is the setting in which you live, so Be Lagom is designed to offer peace and privacy in a natural, green setting that allows easy access to all amenities and fantastic coastal panoramas. What’s more, a casual clubhouse forms the hub of the community and included in the landscaping are pretty communal and private organic vegetable and herb allotments that are tended by the gardeners and whose natural produce is delivered to residents.

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