Exciting new commercial complex to open in Marbella centre

Nvoga is delighted to announce the re-launch of Marbell Centre, a commercial complex in the heart of the town. Marbell Centre will arise from the redevelopment of an older site to offer a business centre featuring a unique show room comprising some of the top architects, developers and builders in the area, attractive, contemporary retail, clinic, fitness centre and office space over four floors. The top entrance is at Avenida Ramon y Cajal, where it meets Marbella’s main Ricardo Soriano Avenue, but the complex also features a prime connection to the elegant Paseo Marítimo seafront promenade, and is easily accessible from the entire centre, with excellent parking facilities nearby.

The project, which has the full support of the Marbella Town Hall, is being promoted exclusively by Nvoga. We  have opened a new office on-site to attend to businesses looking for new premises in a prime location. “The original complex had become outdated and out of touch with today’s requirements,” says José Carlos León, founder and Managing Director of Nvoga. “However, the location is such that it represents a fantastic asset in the heart of Marbella. Though strongly revitalised in recent times, there is a need for up to date commercial and retail premises in the downtown area, and the Marbell Centre is ideally placed to satisfy this demand on the part of businesses and customers alike.”

The project is the first commercial initiative for some time, and follows strong growth in the retail sector, growing demand for office space and a burgeoning tourist sector that loves Marbella but increasingly wants modern facilities alongside traditional charm. “It’s an exciting project that will also help to further rejuvenate and revitalise the town centre of Marbella.” The premises available are spread over four floors and offer a good choice of retail outlets and medium to large offices with the latest amenities and style. The facilities are also well suited to private medical clinics, beauty centres and fitness clubs.

For more information about commercial premises and investment opportunities at Marbell Centre, contact the commercial real estate professionals at Nvoga.

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