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There are homes that look modern in aspect and then there are those that are modern in concept and functioning as well. Quercus Homes is a project of three groundbreaking villas that offer everything you could wish for in a luxury property – and more.

Welcome to the 21st century

Amid such a strong focus on contemporary architecture there is understandably much debate about the respective style interpretations and credentials of different modern properties and developments on the Costa del Sol. But with Quercus villas the architectural studio and specialised constructor Bass Houses is truly taking luxury Marbella properties into the 21st century.

At first glance the three four-bedroom villas have the style and refinement to set them apart among the finest modern homes currently being designed and built in Marbella. The proportions are beautifully measured, the landscaping tastefully integrated into lifestyle-orientated terraces, the large glass windows offer panoramic vistas over lush countryside to the sea, and the wooden brise soleil not only shades the private quarters on the first floor but also adds a softening design touch reminiscent of classic modern architecture.

Gorgeous design married to innovation

Indeed, these are gorgeously stylish contemporary Marbella villas, among the very finest you will find the area, yet the three Quercus homes also feature a level of innovation that is taking route in other parts of Europe and the world but which is as yet novel on the Costa del Sol.

Many new developments and villa projects speak of their sustainable credentials but base this mainly on solar heating, insulation and improved energy efficiency, not on a broader design concept that also incorporates their construction, landscaping and building materials. Bass Houses creates exclusive villas in Marbella like any other luxury developer, but it adds value through a construction process that replaced concrete building structures with equally strong but flexible and natural wooden ones.

Interior walls are made with wooden panels insulated with natural cork and covered with non-toxic paints and plaster. Not only is this a highly efficient form of insulation that makes for optimal energy and temperature management – with minimal need for heating and cooling expenses – but these structures are actually more fire and earthquake-resistant than conventional ones. Moreover, making full use of modern home automation systems, solar heating and natural airflow, as well as clever landscaping, orientation and design, villas built in this way enjoy greatly reduced operating and maintenance costs.

It’s a new type of construction that is being described as the ideal building method for the future, particularly in regions rich in renewable wood. Right now entire apartment and office complexes are being built with it, including high-rise projects completed in London and Vienna. The Quercus homes in Marbella reflect the fact that this type of construction does not come at the cost of design, comfort, luxury or style – all of which are abundantly present in one of the most exciting modern villa developments on the Costa del Sol.

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