Nvoga – The New-Build Marbella Property Specialists

Founded at the heart of the recession, Nvoga has gone from strength to strength to become the Marbella property specialists in luxury new-build real estate.

The reason for this is that Nvoga is in many ways an innovator that likes to be ahead of the curve rather than follow behind. Where other agencies continued to focus on resale properties and felt the full force of the international recession, Nvoga was one of the first Marbella property specialists to focus on marketing new-build homes.

In the beginning this mostly meant promoting developments that had been completed in the wake of the recession. Many were bank repossessions that offered fantastic value to investors and homebuyers, so when Nvoga stepped in with a sound plan to modernise them to contemporary tastes and market them such properties sold very well. “A lot of people were looking for contemporary Marbella properties that offered quality and value,” says José Carlos León, who founded Nvoga, “so with an effective marketing strategy behind them the projects we promoted became a huge success.”

Expertise in offering luxury new Marbella homes
Banks that had tried to manage this role themselves soon recognised Nvoga’s success and turned to the company to assist them with the marketing and sales process. Nvoga became one of the leading marbella property specialists in quality new-build Marbella apartments and villas, and it continues to build on its reputation for expertise in this field. “The essence in all of this is focusing on quality. We were at times offered projects that we simply didn’t believe in, so we made the conscious decision to only offer our clients quality projects and stick to that.”

The search for quality Marbella property to offer its growing international client base led Nvoga to again be a market leader – gradually moving its focus from marketing finished developments to promoting the first modern Marbella apartments and villas built after the recession. In the meantime there had been a great development in architectural styles, interior layouts, construction techniques and in-house technologies, all of which are featured in the contemporary Marbella properties that Nvoga now offers exclusively.

These include such design landmarks as Icon Signature Villas in Santa Clara, Marbella East, the contemporary Marques de Guadalmina apartments, Residencial Costa Marinsa, the exquisite modern Marbella villas of the Marein Collection and the ecological Quercus Homes near Casares. “Each one is an iconic development that is taking Marbella property to a new level of design, style and comfort, and we are proud to offer the best new properties for sale in Marbella.”

For more information about prime modern Marbella villas and contemporary apartments featuring advanced architectural styling and luxury features, please contact the team at Nvoga.

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