New Marbella Home Design

Architectural styles and the properties offered for sale in Marbella have evolved considerably over recent times, gradually moving away from the charming but more basic holiday bungalow and apartment to more sophisticated homes that invite one to live in style and comfort throughout the year.

An important step forward in this process occurred during the 1990s, when especially German buyers began demanding improved standards of construction and finishing in above all the apartments and penthouses they were buying. As a result, insulation improved, as did energy efficiency, and such comforts as under floor heating, air conditioning and modern fitted kitchens became the norm rather than the exception. Luxury stone, wood and marble was used in living rooms, bathrooms and terraces, which also began to feature Wi-Fi, surround sound systems, advanced security equipment and eventually full home automation systems.

Today in Marbella this process is in full development again. Spurred on by a new wave of development that focuses much more on quality than ever before just as it champions contemporary architecture and uses the latest technologies available. The construction methods used now are a far cry from the simple bricklaying of the past, complying with international standards and offering homes – villas and apartments – with excellent insulation, energy efficiency, temperature regulation and natural airflow.

Home automation is increasingly common and today’s Marbella apartments and villas are built with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings, large lifestyle terraces often fitted with Jacuzzis or splash pools, and spacious open-plan living areas where lounge, dining room, terrace and modern kitchen interact. “This is what today’s buyer wants, and developers are listening to them more than ever,” says José Carlos Leon the founder of Nvoga Marbella Realty, who has established the company as one of the leading specialists in new-built Marbella homes.

“There are still a lot of people who buy a Marbella property as a second home or an investment. But the growing trend is for more people to live here or spend large parts of the year in their Marbella homes, so the designs and specs are also evolving to cater to what are often people in their forties with young families.” They come here to enjoy the excellent climate, lifestyle and schooling facilities in a cosmopolitan environment, but year-round living requires a greater emphasis on spacious living rooms and bedrooms, practical bathrooms and more storage space in general.

“The same factors of style, sophistication, quality, amenities and of course location remain of prime importance, but architects are now also offering lovely open-plan living areas that together with elegant terrace areas form the hub of the home. We’re also seeing more storage and in the meantime the aesthetic and technological features keep evolving and improving. It’s an exciting time to be involved with contemporary Marbella properties.”

If you are interested in a new-built property in Marbella, come to the experts. Nvoga Marbella Realty is a leading specialist in this field with a top selection of the best contemporary villas and new apartments for sale in Marbella.

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