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NVOGA has become recognised as one of the leading property firms on the Costa del Sol when it comes to the marketing, promotion and sales of new-build and off plan property developments in Marbella and neighbouring areas such as Benahavis and Estepona. Discover our big selection of Villas, Apartments and Penthouses in the most exclusive areas in the Costa del Sol.

Your one stop website for exclusive new developments on the Costa del Sol. If you are looking to buy a home, planning to sell your home or you want to know the real value of your property and get the price right don’t hesitate to contact to our experts.

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 About Our Team

José Carlos León Agent Photo NVoga

José Carlos León

Founder & Managing Director +34 952 81 33 33 josecarlos@nvoga.com

Leadership & Philosophy. Over and beyond the years of experience I have had in the real estate sector, I have learnt to take advantage of the opportunity provided by my previous experience and toda...

Thomas Graham Agent Photo NVoga

Thomas Graham

Sales Director +34 952 81 33 33 thomas@nvoga.com

Born in Norway, having grown up on the Costa del Sol and involved in the Real Estate World for three decades, makes him very skilled and with expertise working on new exclusive Nvoga Developments making th...

Marina Gallardo Agent Photo NVoga

Marina Gallardo

Exclusive Development Coordinator +34 952 81 33 33 marina@nvoga.com

My professional career as a real estate agent was more or less a coincidence, I trained in teaching and part of my work experience has been developed in the world of hotel management. Customer service, co...

María José Jiménez Agent Photo NVoga

María José Jiménez

Office Manager +34 952 81 33 33 mariajose@nvoga.com

Born in Córdoba and Malaga of adoption, my life has always been very close to the sea, I studied Sea Science in Cádiz and my sport passion is windsurfing, together with mountaineering, open air and natu...

Mar Liñan Agent Photo NVoga

Mar Liñan

Accounts +34 952 81 33 33 mar@nvoga.com

I began to work when I was 16 years old in an architecture studio, when I was still studying as a Senior Administration Technician, when I finished my studies, I did my internship in the Town Hall of Marbe...

Ignacio Sánchez Agent Photo NVoga

Ignacio Sánchez

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 ignacio@nvoga.com

Working in real estate since 1997 in the east of Marbella in the sales office of Los Monteros. I have been able to witness the excellent urban development of this area, which due to its excellent location ...

Alla Morozova Agent Photo NVoga

Alla Morozova

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 alla@nvoga.com

I'm from Moscow, but I've been living in Spain for 21 years. I began my career in tourism as a sales representative of the private vacation club in Marbella and Thailand. I started my work in the real esta...

Alberto Rivera Agent Photo NVoga

Alberto Rivera

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 alberto@nvoga.com

I started working in real estate in 2011 at Vime Realty, where I managed to close two to four operations a month. In 2015 I had the opportunity to start working for Nvoga until today when I am very happ...

Caroline Demange Agent Photo NVoga

Caroline Demange

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 caroline@nvoga.com

Originary from France,I started working in Airline Company as a stewardess in Paris, and have travelled abroad before a lot when i was teenager. Then, I´ve settled  since 1998 to Marbella, just came for ...

Maya Boskovic Agent Photo NVoga

Maya Boskovic

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 maya@nvoga.com

Coming from Slovenia with experiences mostly in media journalism and marketing sector, my first real estate learning began with rentals in my home town. Arriving to Spain in 2011, I spent initial years wor...

Julia Iliescu Agent Photo NVoga

Julia Iliescu

Customer Relations +34 952 81 33 33 julia@nvoga.com

After a short journey on the Costa del Sol in 2012, I decided to settle in Marbella. In general, my work experience has always been around the customer service, both in my country and here I have worked i...

Ana Petkovic Agent Photo NVoga

Ana Petkovic

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 ana@nvoga.com

My life in Spain started in 2003, when I moved from Serbia to study at Les Roches, Swiss Hotel Management School in Marbella.  Over the last 10 years I had a privilege to work in the luxury hotel indust...

María León Agent Photo NVoga

María León

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 maria@nvoga.com

After getting a degree in Business from EAE Business School in Madrid, I started my sales career in Italy where I worked for one of the largest jewelry businesses in the nation. My passion for traveling th...

Silvia Pino Agent Photo NVoga

Silvia Pino

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 silvia@nvoga.com

NVOGA has become recognised as one of the leading property firms on the Costa del Sol when it comes to the marketing, promotion and sales of new-build and off plan property developments in Marbella and nei...

José María Santana Agent Photo NVoga

José María Santana

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 josemaria@nvoga.com

With a university education of technological character, after finishing my studies in the faculty of computer engineering in Malaga, I have oriented my professional career to the Tourism sector and commerc...

Daría Omaticaya Agent Photo NVoga

Daría Omaticaya

Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 daria@nvoga.com

Throughout more than 10 years in the real estate sector, which met by chance in cosmopolitan capital of Russia, Moscow, where she devoted herself fully for several years to the art of real estate agent, an...

David Quintana Agent Photo NVoga

David Quintana

Concierge +34 952 81 33 33 david@nvoga.com

I was born in Gran Canaria where I started my working life in the hotel and customer service industry, it was back then that I learn of the personal satisfaction when helping clients to enjoy there time wi...

Richard De La Lama Agent Photo NVoga

Richard De La Lama

Rentals & Sales Executive +34 952 81 33 33 richard@nvoga.com

Born in France to Spanish parents, I first visited Marbella when I was just a child on a summer vacation. For me it was paradise. From there, I moved to the area in 1996 after finishing my studies as a com...