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Nvoga Home staging

When we talk about home staging we refer to the process offered by many real estate agents to prepare you home for selling; be it by touching up the décor, re-organising the layout of furniture or dressing the home so that it looks its best for potential buyers.

In essence, our home stagers will prepare your property in such a way that it looks its very best, fixing any little eyesores that may have occurred over time, de-cluttering some of the decoration and ensuring it not only looks sleek and tidy but also fresh and up to date. Home staging is therefore not a judgment of someone’s taste or decoration, but merely uses the design skill of interior decorators to make the property shine and appeal to as broad a range of buyers as possible.

Home staging is an extension of the marketing and promotion work done by your real estate agent. In fact, professional home staging has a track record both here in Marbella and abroad that proves it helps significantly in selling a property faster (usually several months up to even more than a year quicker). It also means the property, shown at its best, is more likely to reach the asking price or close to it, where other comparative properties not presented in this way often face a reduction in the asking price.

As a service, therefore, home staging earns itself back very easily, and for this reason, it has become a popular selling tool for many re-sale properties in Marbella and its surroundings.

Emphasising your home’s beauty
Home staging is so effective because it works very well to highlight your property’s best points, and as we live in an age where there is a clear ‘before’ and ‘after’ division between recently constructed ‘modern’ houses and those from before the architectural and technological watershed, the need for a selling tool of this kind is greater than ever.


In the Marbella property market, homebuyers mostly want modern properties with open-plan layouts, contemporary styling and features such as home automation, so when selling your existing home it is important to not lose out on potential buyers. The way to do this is by making your villa or apartment look as up to date and attractive as possible. Our home staging specialists use modern design tools to show you exactly what they have in mind, superimposing their styling suggestions on your home’s interior (and sometimes also exterior) so you can see the proposals on-screen before agreeing to them.

The main steps to home staging are:

  1. De-clutter the home
  2. Fix little imperfections
  3. Paint – usually in a stylish yet neutral colour
  4. Clean and order the décor
  5. Add ambient lighting
  6. Add furniture and décor elements if necessary – we offer rental packs for a period of 1-3 months, 3-12 months and over 12 months

Once this is done, your home will be ready to shine, and dazzle any viewers and potential buyers and make that all-important first impression!


The service is more affordable than you may think and we can show you just how effective it is. In one case it led to us selling a Marbella apartment within one week of its ‘make-over’.

Get in touch with the Nvoga team now to find out more about our Home Staging Service.

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