José Carlos Leon of Nvoga speaks at CIT conference

On Tuesday 11th December, José Carlos Leon, founder and CEO of Nvoga Marbella Realty, was invited to speak at the CIT seminar on the Future of the Costa del Sol Property Market at the Marbella Palacio de Congresos, where he joined other experts charting the latest trends and direction for real estate in Marbella and its surrounding areas.

The CIT, or Asociación de Empresarios y profesionales de Marbella, is an organisation that since its founding in 1989 has been fostering close networking and collaboration between professionals in the area, as well as promoting Marbella and its surroundings to an international market.

CIT organises a full calendar of events throughout the year to promote networking and create a platform where information and knowledge can be exchanged – all with a view to elevating professional standards in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. The seminar held on in early December is an example of this, and was used to highlight the latest trends in real estate, one of this area’s most important economic sectors.

José Carlos leads a passionate drive for quality and innovation

During the event, leading architects described the latest evolution of design and construction trends, while technology specialists related the future impact and opportunities created by block chain technology on the real estate sector both here and abroad.

Speaking to a gathering of property, construction and design professionals, José Carlos Leon reviewed the current state of the Costa del Sol’s real estate market, and concluded that there is much to be satisfied with, among which is the belief that the solid, sustainable level of growth will continue for some time to come.

He cited the increasingly high standards of design and construction, and also the existence of excellent specialist firms in such fields as lighting, landscaping, home automation systems and new ecological building materials and techniques. He also warned against complacency, as we live in fast-moving times in which those who buy properties in Marbella are not simply drawn by sun and golf, but increasingly want top-end standards of design, amenities and ecological credentials.

He used the new luxury villa development of Be Lagom, of which Nvoga is the commercialising agent, as an example of the new innovation that is coming into the market, saying that contemporary architectural styling, the materials used and the overall ambience and amenities created within new Marbella developments is evolving to incorporate an entire way of life built around peace, privacy, security, health and wellbeing. In other words, a new sense of luxury.

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